Monday, March 24, 2014

Wild About Music!

Something very exciting will be "roaring" it's way here at the end of this week!!!  It's the "Wild About Music" Facebook Music Frenzy!!!
If you had a chance to gather up the amazing freebies offered during the December Frenzy, I'm sure you know that there is so much musical talent out there!  Over 20 music teachers have created great resources for your music classroom and are offering them for free for their facebook followers.  All you have to do is "like" each page in the frenzy and hop from one page to the next as you download your freebie files!   Aileen Miracle has already blogged about many of the "wild" treasures you be finding throughout these pages - visit Mrs. Miracle's Music Room to read about some of these goodies coming your way!

I can't wait for you to grab my freebie this time around and tell me if you enjoyed using it with your students!!!  I'll give you just one little hint about the animals I chose to go with our "Wild" theme...we haven't seen them in a long, long, lonnnnnnnng time.  But Fred Flintstone has!!!  heeheehee.  My freebie downloads include an interactive game and printable visuals for review.  I really hope you like it and would love to hear your thoughts! :)

And remember, starting March 28, just hop onto anyone of our facebook pages to start gathering up your "wild" and amazing freebies.  You are more than welcome to start on my FB page so you know where you started...once you reach my page again, you'll know you've completed the frenzy and gotten tons of great resources.  You can click the picture above to go to my facebook page.  Thanks for visiting!  :)