Favorite Things

Items in my classroom I think I can't be without:

My Teacher Toolbox
Look what I made!!!  Made it last summer and loved it all year.  My guest teachers and even students have seen it and LOVE it!  Do it.  You won't regret it.  Need something???  There you go.  No more searching and no more clutter on my desk. 

I was inspired by seeing many pictures of Teacher's Toolboxes on pinterest (lol - of course) - went to Home Depot, bought myself one of these, had a blast choosing scrapbook paper to use and got to work.  Ta-dahhhhhh!!!

I have a better picture I will post soon! 
Here are pictures of the sides - heehee.  SO CUTE it makes me smile.

My pitch ladder
This is something that has been incredibly helpful during my lessons! I made it magnetic so it's easy to display and of course, colorful and eye catching. 

Available through my TpT Store as a hard good!  I love making these, so please let me know if you'd like to order one this summer and ta-dah!!!  Delivered right to your door!  Just click on the picture!

This is my foam xylo display (each bar is magnetic) - and it has been the BEST visual for teaching the kids how to set up their instruments in Pentatonic tone sets.

I'll simply say, "Set up in C Pentatonic.  Remove your fudge and brownies" - and I model taking off the F/B bars.  I don't have to walk around and check or keep answering, "Which bars do I take off???"  Now I just point and smile!  Less talking, less questions = more time learning & playing.
Want one?  I'll make it for you!  Click one of the pics above.

"Mr. & Mrs. Note"
Mr. & Mrs. Note play an important role in my classroom. 
These are actually my bathroom passes!  One of the best things I've ever done was incorporate these into my classroom expectations.  The cartoon music note characters are the adorable work of Mr. Skip Ploss - a very talented artist and friend from my first school district.  
If a student leaves for the bathroom, they put Mr. or Mrs. on the door frame (they are magnetic) so that we know someone has gone out of the room. 
My restroom rule:  You may go to the restroom when we are transitioning to another activity or place in my music room.  The students may not ask me if I am teaching or if we are learning. 
That means, your hand is only raised for questions or comments, not for "May I go to the bathroom."  This works best with grades 2 and up.  For my Kinders and 1sts, I just have them raise their hands, but I usually say, "wait until we finish this song..."  (I found if I ask if they can wait, they say no, so I'll just say, wait - and if they do a little dance...I'll give them the "go ahead" nod and off they go!)   
This teacher stool - how CUTE is this!?!?!?  I love it.  It was a gift from MY piano teacher!!! 
She is now one of my best friends ever.  Love you, Keri. 
(LOL - not just because she bought this for me, you silly!!!)
And of course, who wouldn't want a musical cupcake??? 
No, no - they are not in my classroom - I just like sweet treats!

Mrs. Jones' Famous Kitty
Sunny plays a very important role in my classroom. 
Not only do we sing his name as a warm-up in chorus,
but he is one of the most "vocal" cats ever! 
Does he sing, you ask???  
Not quite, but he does "talk" as he runs down the stairs!  Me-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-owww.
Of course, he is one of my most favorite things ever.
The kids love hearing Sunny stories and seeing his pictures and video clips. 
I use him as an introduction to the song, "Naughty Kitty Cat" in 1st grade.
And now a list of my "Must Haves" - In the music room...I...
1)  must always have Bean Bags handy.

2) must always have a glittery microphone ready!  For ANY situation!
3)  must always have "Mr. Bee" somewhere ready to entertain those little guys!

4)  must always have GIANT sunglasses around - laughter is majorly important in my room!
5)  must always have manipulatives to write rhythm patterns - and in LOTS of different ways - like "Rhythm in a Bag" pictured below.  Popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, erasers, pom-poms, etc. 
Kids LOVE hands on and learn so much more when they manipulate the items themselves.


6)  must always have fun flowers like these handy - for games, (all around the "buttercup") performances, and impromptu microphones!
 7)  must always have cute little music "friends" to use with a song, dance, game or when a student is feeling down and blue.

 8)  must always have "props" for games and songs


More to come...