Bulletin Boards

Every single August I say the same thing -  "I will just reuse one of the bulletin boards I made for outside my door."  And every single year...you guessed it...I make a new one. 
Most of this is because my husband says to me, "Really?  But.....don't you think you should just make one more so you can rotate them???"  hahaha - and......here I am.  I'm at it again.  And when does this creativity happen you may ask?  Typically - in the weeeee hours of the morning.  I'll admit...I am a true night owl. 

Here are my 4 favorites for outside of my classroom that I've done so far:

As you can see, I've been going with a "Music is..." theme for the past 4 years.  5 years ago, it said, "SEA...what's happening in music" and my husband says, (and I quote), "I don't like that one.  You didn't MAKE it the way you made these.  They were already cut-outs.  You cheated."  hahahaha! 
Oh my.....give me a break, I say!!!  LOL!  But he's right and I'll admit, my creative side does enjoy the challenge.  I have a "Cricut" die cutting machine and a Sizzix, which are awesome for cutting out letters and a lot of the shapes you see above - but many times I just like to draw or I find cute clip art images online and re-create them with scrapbook paper.  Usually glittery!  It's kind of my thing.  :)

I hope that you like them!  If you have any ideas for a new "Music is...." bulletin board, please feel free to comment here. 
Music is a TREAT! 
I found this idea on a great website that has TONS of ideas for bulletin boards and kits that you can buy as well.  I just couldn't resist making my own 3D version for my classroom so here it is! 
This one is inside my classroom and displays the National Standards beautifully.
Here is her awesome website:

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