Saturday, February 15, 2014

5 Favorite Pins of February

The last time I posted was 5 Favorite Pins of January time.  Somehow, time got away from me and it's...5 Favorite Pins of February Linky Party time!  I loved being a part of it last month, so here I go again!  Thank you, Aileen Miracle for the opportunity to be a part of these fun linky parties - check out her awesome blog here:  Mrs. Miracle's Music Room

#1) Dice Storage

This brilliant idea for dice storage and use!  Hello!  Why haven't I ever thought of this yet?  Small containers, magnet on the back, stuck to a decorated cookie sheet!  Kids are ready to play a game in centers and need dice - so they just go grab a container and know exactly where to put it away.  This came from the adorable blog at

#2) Adorable "Rockin' Note Paper!"  And it's a freebie!
I saw this and thought it was so, so, sooo cute!  And she gives you smaller sizes, too.  Couldn't this be used for a GREAT newsletter background???  Thank you, Hilary Lewis.  I love it and know I sure can use this cuteness for many, many purposes.  I bet classroom teachers could, too!

#3) Paint stick library separators
Yet another pinterest gem!   Simple - just plain paint sticks and alphabet stickers.  I had used folders with tabs to separate my music library into holidays, seasons, Mallet Madness stories, listening, etc, but they would get pushed back and lost in the books.  This.  Is.  So.  Smart. 

#4) "Recorder Corner"
This is my newest "want-to-do" for my own classroom.  I just wish I had another wall!  Everything recorder related, including fingerings posters all in one place.  Another one with no source - if it's your pic, please let me know! 

#5) ipod Goals Display
Gift boxes and goals.  Adorable.  Wouldn't this be awesome in the music room?  Yes, I'm working on one as well and will post a pic soon.  I would suggest using either "whiteboard" erasable paper that you can use dry eraser markers on or velcro on the backs to change out the goals....OR post the national standards for Music in Our Schools month.  So many possibilities.  Another great pin...and no source.  But bravo!  Love it!

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