Monday, January 20, 2014

5 Favorite Pins of January

So this is called, "Five Favorite Pins of January" and I am so happy to participate. 

Thank you, Aileen Miracle from the amazing "Mrs. Miracle's Music Room" for the invite!
If you haven't seen her blog, oh my...put that on your "things I need to take time to read and get inspired to do list."  This is my very first "Linky Party," too - so if you simply click on this picture at the end of my blog post, it will take you to Aileen's 5 Favorite Pins of January post! 
Here are my 5 Favorite Pins this month:
#1 Before You Tell the Teacher...
Man, oh man! Since we have gotten back from winter break I felt as if I needed a tape recorder since I kept saying over and over, did you try to solve the problem? I saw this on pinterest and was SO happy to add it as a quick and easy reminder for my little guys. Now I simply point if there is a little wide-eyed friend tugging at me (as I'm in the middle of a song...ahem!) LOL. This pin is from "The Littlest Scholars" Blog - just click the picture and it takes you to the blog where you can download and print this great poster for your classroom!
#2 Recorder Clip Art
Talk about perfect timing!  It's almost time for "Recorder Karate! at my school!"  I was psyched to see that Denise at Dancing Crayon created this very kid-friendly set!  I love them and can use them for soooo many activities.  Click the pic to grab these goodies!

#3 Unlock the Door - Syncopa Version
So I am a big fan of Aileen Miracle's TpT products and let me tell you, last year, when I found her first version of "Unlock the Door" I was hooked!  My kids worked SO hard to figure out which key had the correct rhythm.  Such a fun way for your students to practice syncopated rhythms.  Each page has a key with a notated rhythm pattern - the students listen to a sound clip and have to choose which "key" will unlock the door!  It's adorable and engaging, and perfect to assess your student's skills.

#4 Monster Invastion Composing
What a find!  I pinned immediately and did not regret it.  David at Make Moments Matter, has a great blog with tons of ideas for your music room.  After reading this post about his "Monster Invasion" game, I went bananas and ran out to the Dollar Tree to grab some "monsters" of my own.  You see, well the only way to get rid of the monsters invading the music room is to compose your own 4 measure pattern!  Check out the directions for this game and I guarantee you'll be inspired to make your own set and your students will have a great time COMPOSING (we all know we need more composing in our lessons!) and having time to be creative!  I'm thinking about extending the activity to have the students add the solfege and turn them into "Melody Monsters" and sing and play their compositions on instruments.  Exciting!!!  Thank you for the GREAT post, David!!!

#5 The Dum-Dum Song! So I stumbled upon this pin one night and after watching it, my first thought, "I am TOTALLY teaching this to my 4th grade chorus!!! ha!!!" I think I will teach them just a little bit at a time during warm-ups, and add onto it each time we meet. What a fun and engaging challenge. Just click the picture or the link below and get ready to giggle.

And I just have to add....
an Extra Special Pin
(and a freebie from a lovely and talented friend in Canada)
This is something that is very close to my heart.  I hope you can take a moment to check it out and maybe pass it on to your other fellow teachers in your schools.  What a beautiful way to help our students demonstrate the power of kindness. 

Random Acts of Kindness Book

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Thank you and "sing"-ya later!