Sunday, May 3, 2015

Making May Musical Linky Party

I am so very excited to be hosting my very first Linky Party in celebration of the TpT Teachers Appreciation Sale May 5-6!  Most TpT Stores will be discounted at 20% off and you'll save more with the TpT Code THANKYOU at checkout for 28%!!!  If you're a blogger, please join us and link up!  Simply blog about the following three things:

1)  A resource from your own TpT store that you're excited to sell
2)  A resource from another TpT seller that you're excited to purchase
3)  A set of clip art you can't wait to purchase, too!

Include the following image in your post and link it back to this blog post AND please remind your readers to come back and check out all of the other blogger's posts who are linked up here!  :) 
1)  First, a resource from my store that I'm excited to be selling:  "The Case of the 3 Sneaky Singing Snails."  I have a Sol-La-Mi set and a Sol-Mi set available.  Your students are asked in these interactive PDF games to help the detective find the 3 "sneaky snails" who have stolen melody patterns.  The only way they can find out if they caught a snail is to sing a melodic pattern correctly.  There are 2 different cases so that you can play this game during more than one lesson and also adorable flashcards with melodic patterns starring the "sneaky snails."  I have a wonderful music teacher buddy who has the S-M-L set and he told me to introduce the game, he sat at his piano and said, "Oh no, boys and girls!  I can't remember the melody!  I wonder if it was the sneaky snails!!!"  And they ate it up.

2)  Next, a resource from another music seller I'm excited to purchase during the sale:
 Last Summer, I had discovered Jennifer's awesome blog called "The Yellow Brick Road" via Pinterest.  Well, she had written about using these adorable "Rhythm Monsters" made from googly eyes and pom-poms - I was so inspired, I ran out to Michael's Arts & Crafts and made my own set which the kids BEG to use!  Now, she just recently posted this set above which is an interactive game is an "interactive game, in which students practice or review rhythms by speaking, clapping, or performing on rhythm instruments. The game introduces students to the rhythm monsters, friendly characters who use the special language of rhythm to communicate."  And there are printable worksheets, too!  Yep, I need it.

3)  And finally, a clip art set I just have to have!  
Educlips Ice Cream set has been on my wishlist and I'm drooling for it!  
LOL - could it be the pregnancy cravings?

 Well, that's all for now!  Remember the TpT Code THANKYOU at checkout!!!  Feel free to leave a comment or if you have a blog and would like to link up, here's the information below: 
An InLinkz Link-up

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Worked for Me Wednesday

I'm excited to link up with the awesome Aileen Miracle at Mrs. Miracle's Music Room for her "Worked for Me Wednesday" linky party.  For our posts, music teachers will talk about something we've done before that we've found that has worked for us!  After you read my idea below, simply click on this picture below to go check out some more posts with great ideas!

My post today is about my magical wind chimes.  Yep, they're truly "magical" in my little music world.  Well, at least for behavior management!!! 

Years ago, I was teaching a very chatty first grade class and trying so hard to come up with something...anything to grab their attention and keep it.  I am still not sure how I came up with this and how it worked and has continued to work for years, but I would bet money on the fact that it works because kids WANT to use their imaginations naturally.  So....this is what happened one very magical music class:  
"Boys and Girls, the strangest thing happened the other day!  I was teaching a class and by mistake I came over here and played the beautiful sound of these wind chimes and the next thing you whole class just...fell asleep!!!  The WHOLE class.  AND then, the STRANGEST thing happened, when I played the wind chimes again, the class woke up, BUT, they had NO idea that they fell asleep.  They just sat up, looked at me, and smiled, like nothing had happened at all.  It was so magical.  I mean, I wonder if it only works on that class....or maybe just on amazing listeners out there....I mean...I wonder...would it...maybe work...on don't think so.....well, maybe I should just try.....(cue the wind chimes...and down they go with a giggle!!!  Silently "asleep")  WHAT in the world just happened!?!  These MUST be MAGICAL wind chimes!  Wow!  I wonder if I play them again...(they all wake up and look around).  "Kids!  You fell asleep!"  "huh?  no we didn't...etc." - I mean, no way would it ever work more than once" (wind chimes - down they go...giggles, etc.)  And so on.  

They.  LOVE. this.
From the day I introduce this, I now have one of the BEST classroom management tools ever.  Simply play the wind automatically "fall asleep" and I can teach while they're silently attentive!  I use this for all of my "listening lessons."  They love it and ask me if we are going to play the "wind chime" game constantly.  I use it with my "Carnival of the Animals" unit when I want them to focus their listening.  I can tell you that I've had less than a hand full of "non-believers," but with a little persuasion, eventually, they cave in.  I usually just say, "Well, these really only work on the best listeners..." and MOST of the time they lie down...only once in 15 years, have I actually said to a child, just play along and have fun with us.  Again, deep down, it's all about "play" and using their imaginations - for most, it's just natural.  I love their "acting" skills, too.  "What?  Who me?  I wasn't sleeping."  hahaha! 

I have to also share that one year, we had a part-time music position added to our school.  This teacher had some 1st grade classes with students I had the previous year.  She was teaching a lesson and singing a song where there were wind chime parts and played them - to suddenly whole class laying down on the floor pretending to be asleep!!!  hahahahahaaaa! Oh my goodness did I crack up laughing when she told me this - I remember her describing it as turning around and seeing her class of "narcoleptic children and being totally confused."  They told her later about the magic wind chimes - but what a gift to know that my silly idea had STUCK with them.  Ha!!!!

So, that's my idea that TRULY "Worked" for me.  I hope you enjoyed it!  Please feel free to comment below if you enjoyed this post or even share something that completely has "worked" for you in your music classroom.  Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, January 2, 2015

So Happy...My Cheeks Hurt From SMILING!

Sound the trumpets!  {Or just cue the music teacher...oh wait, that's me!}  Doot-doot-doo-dooooo!  I think it's finally time to share my happiest of news...and here it is:

Happy New Year, everyone!  Here's to a happy, healthy, exciting, prosperous, wonderful, and all you've ever wished for in the year ahead.  We are so thrilled that we have a little one on the way!  I wanted to take a moment to personally say thank you to all of those fans out there who have supported me with my "Totally Tuned-in" Journey! Thank you for your kind and supportive words with the excitement of my newest announcement, for following my Blog, (if you do!), FB posts and TpT store and all of your amazing feedback, which truly makes me work harder and excited to keep creating. I'm so excited for the new year and hope to kick it off asap with a 600 follower celebration - I'm at 594!!! p.s. My TpT Store will remain 20% until midnight, January 2nd, if you need to grab some materials for back to school.  

Oh no!  Did I say it?!  School!  Wah!  Cue the temper tantrum!!!  How has this winter break gone by so fast?  Were you like me and have a list of "want-tos"...but all the "had-tos" got in the way?  Comment below with something that you were SO happy to accomplish during break and something you wish you had a chance to do.  I'd love to hear from you!


Sunday, November 30, 2014

"Rockin' Resources Linky Party"

I am so happy to join up with Amy at Music a la Abbott for a "Rockin' Resources Linky Party!"  You can join as well!  Just click this image at the bottom of my post to go to Amy's page and then follow the quick/easy directions there!

For this linky party, we're asked to share a resource from our own TpT Store that we use and love.  Something I am so excited to share with you are my newest creations for my classroom!  With the adorable clip art by Susanna at "Whimsy Workshop," I created, Rhythm Reindeer Sets 1 & 2.
 The best part about these sets is that I made them so the set can be used across 4-5 lessons.  During the first lesson, I introduce the kids to my "new friends" - the "Rhythm Reindeer!"  Aren't they adorable?  I mean, aDEERable?
My first graders ask me what their names are - lol!  Then, I challenge the students to be able to clap/speak 16 patterns...and I ask for a volunteer score keeper (they love this job.)  This takes maybe 5-7 minutes to go thru and then I tell them next music, they'll visit again, but with a challenge!  The next class, I use the PDF game on the next slides.  They LOVE this and especially the BIG challenge. 

There also are printables for writing one note in each box to use in a follow-up lesson and then more sheets {for when you think they're ready} where the students will be completing measures and composing measures in 2, 3, 4/4 meter.  I would suggest that you project an example so the students understand to fill their character boxes with the correct amount of beats.  Perfect quick assessments.  And as a thank you for purchasing these files, I've included "Rhythm Reindeer Rhythm Cards" for you to print and use as whole group practice, in centers, as a game, or any other way you'd like!  {My littles asked me if they could keep them and color them - lol!}

Next, some resources by another awesome music teacher!  If you haven't discovered McPherson's Music Room yet, oh man - you've got to check out her interactive products!  They've changed my teaching for the better.  Let me tell you about one I have and love and another I'm going to purchase tomorrow during the TpT Cyber Sale.  She's got melody and rhythm files that are amazing for visual/aural learners.  My students ask me to play over and over again.  Last week, with first grade, I used her Whooo do you hear? Melody Sol Mi La (PowerPoint).  

It's so cute and awesome for aural identification/discrimination.  Simply click on the moon, and there are 4 choices of owls with melodies notated for the students to look at and figure out which is correct.  The sound effects are fantastic, the graphics and animations are always adorable and the game is so engaging for the students.  I'm definitely going to purchase her newest files starring an adorable snowman! 
This file comes with not just one, but TWO powerpoint files!  One for forte vs. piano and the other reinforces crescendo vs. decrescendo!  How great to have listening examples for the students to identify these concepts ALL IN ONE PLACE!  I don't know about you, but I get so frustrated with my iPod and CDs and shuffling or trying to find small sound clips...I don't have time for that.  But THIS!  It's ALL right here at my fingertips AND it's a GAME for the kids.  I love when they have no clue that they're LEARNING while having so much fun.  You've got to see how she animates these little guys.  So cute.  an interactive way to reinforce aurally recognizing dynamics with your students in music and then assessing the concepts? They will love watching the snowman move across the page trying to catch snowflakes!

And now, one last thing to include in my blog, a non-music product.  Yup - you guessed it.  Clip art. 
Ok - If there was a group called "Clip-Art-Addicts-Annonymous" - yes, I'd be in it.  I don't know if my poor computer can handle anymore images!  The fan is running constantly.  Yep...I need a new one!  I just keep debating...PC or Mac?!  Wah!  I don't know what to do.  I do; however, know what I want when it comes to clip art and these cuties from Susanna at Whimsy Workshop, are on top of my list.

And of course, they will be starring in some up and coming Totally Tuned-in Products asap! 

Ok!  So there you have it!  Some great choices to maybe add to your cart as you "Cyber Shop" away!  I mean, who doesn't love, "'re broke!"  hahaha!  Just joking - that's why it's great to shop when the BIG SALES are here. So much fun.  Remember your CODE at checkout - TpTCyber.  Enjoy.

Thanks everyone and happy CYBER shopping!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

"Ricky Recorder"

As I was starting to set up my classroom for the new school year, I came across one of the cutest things I've ever made!  I couldn't believe that I COMPLETELY forgot to bring this out last year!  I think what happens to me is that my brain can only hold so much the memory in a computer.  Mine lately truly feels the need for an update.   Anyway, here "he" is....I present to you..."Ricky Recorder!!!!"  (Said like "Ricky Ricardo" from "I Love Lucy," of course.)  heehee.

To help my students learn about the responsibility of having their own instrument, I like to have them think of their recorder as their own personal "Musical Pet."  Then I ask them things they need to do with a "regular" pet.....and they say, "Take care of it" - Ok.  Soooo, how do you take care of it?  They usually list things like "Play with it, clean it, watch it."  And I say, well, the same idea for your recorder.  As your musical pet, you'll need to do some things.
1)  Play with it!  It LOVES to be played with.  Well, how?  PLAY IT!  How often does your dog like to played with?  Every day.  Or as I recently started to say, "only on the days you eat."  ha!
2)  Watch over it.  Know where your recorder is.  Give it a "home."  It should "Live" in your backpack.    Like a dog house.  When you're done "playing with it" put it back in your backpack.  This truly has helped my students to remember to bring them to school.
3)  Clean it.  Yes, even needs to "take a bath!"  Especially if you're sick.
4)  Let it rest.  What?  Well, like your pet needs to sleep, so does your recorder.  If you're too frustrated with a song, take a break, let your recorder take a nap and go back to try again later. 

The first time I used the "Musical Pet" analogy the next day, the cutest thing happened.  One of my students came in with googly eyes on their recorder.  And she named it.  And put a "leash" on it.  It was the cutest thing ever.  And so, "Ricky Recorder" was invented and the phenomenon of very clever recorder pets invaded my school.  I loved seeing my students use their imaginations.  And honestly, it connected them so much more to their instrument.  Less children "forgot" to bring them to music because they were so excited about it being their OWN. 

So - I made the cute little "Ricky Recorder" character out of foam and googly eyes, put him on the poster board, wrote down his reminders (Left hand on top, etc.) added a piece of dry erase board (I cut it like a speech bubble) and each day when 4th grade came to music, I'd write a little "note" from Ricky about their goal for the day, or what to practice, etc. 

Well - "Ricky" Recorder will be coming to music again this year.  I'm so glad I found him and hope you've enjoyed this cute little idea to help your kids with the responsibility of having an instrument.  :)  Do your students have their own or do you have to clean them and keep them in your music room?  Do you have any great "recorder" tricks you'd like to share?  I'd love to hear about them!  Feel free to comment below! 

Sing-ya Later!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Products for Prep

Time to link up with some music buddies and take the opportunity to share some great products that would truly come in handy when setting up a music classroom for a new school year!

With the BIG Back to School TpT Sale going on right now, it's always an exciting time to go through my wishlist and grab a bunch of goodies!  There's just SOOOO much to choose from now, so I'm going to highlight a few items of my own and a couple from some music friend's stores that I can't wait to grab.
A big thank you to Jena Hudson from "Sew Much Music" for the adorable graphic above!
My entire store is 20% off plus with this code BTS14, you can get an additional 8%!  And my BUNDLES are already 20% discounted or could honestly save 48% on some of my products!  I love to be a smart shopper, don't you?!  We call my Dad the "Coupon King" because he sends me coupons in the mail.  Isn't that so cute???

 So here are some products that you might like to have as you set up your music room this year! 
Anyone need an eye-catching, sparkly MEGA set of music vocab for a Word Wall?  I did and I went a teeny bit overboard!  282 Words that print BEAUTIFULLY.  A great way to reinforce music vocabulary and of course, your Principal will be happy with that "reading" connection.  Worried about ink?  
There's an INK SAVER version as well - and with this sale, it's actually 48% off!  Holy Savings, Batman!
If you click the above picture, it will take you to a HUGE bundle of Treble Clef "Note Reading" printables.  One thing that I have NEVER gotten very good at is being prepared for being absent.  Setting up for a sub is one thing, but with us, as I'm sure you've experienced, setting up for a non-musical music substitute is always a challenge.  These printables are perfect quick assessments for elementary music teachers like me who see their classes just once a week in a short block of time! BUT, they also could TOTALLY be useful for sub plans!  I finally made folders for every month that I can grab easily if I'm going to be out sick and because there are over 44 pages, I grabbed a bunch to put in each folder - they're appropriate for many levels, too!
  AND!!!  I plop these into those folders, too!  AND they're WONDERFUL for those days when your voice, just isn't 100%!  The kids ask me for more.  By popular demand, I bundled up all my "into Rhythm" and seasonal "Rhythm Fun" worksheets!  These are SO MUCH FUN and this set, is made up of 10 PDF files - 131 pages of printable note reading/identifying/musical math FUN!!!

Now onto my MUST HAVES List!  On my THIS "TREASURE" from Linda McPherson at McPherson's Music Room

It's a GAME and ASSESSMENT and it's just......perfect for note reading engagement and FUN.  My kids sure "ARRRRRRGH" going to be excited about this "treasure!"

 AND this one, too!  So adorable - from Elaine at Mrs. Ford's Melodies, it's Treble Clef Notes Matching Game!  It's such a cute ice cream themed game where students simply match the note  ice cream scoop with its name (ice cream cone). This would be perfect for centers, flash cards, or as a quick and easy assessment.

And honestly, so many more that I seriously am starting to think I have an addiction to TpT.  Oh wait!  I think I already knew that!  There's so much clip art in my wishlist, too!  HELP!  Creative people out there are definitely taking a tole on my wallet!  But I love it and that "inspired" feeling I get when finding great "treasures" like the ones above.  

So if you have a wishlist, get it ready and go shopping!!!  Most items could be up to 28% off! Remember to use the Promo Code BTS14! Thanks so much to Aileen Miracle for hosting this fun linky party.  Check out all of the amazing music teacher's blogs and great items they're talking about for prepping their school year who have linked up on her page here.

Thanks for reading and HAPPY SHOPPING!  

I'll be back with some exciting news in a couple of days!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Music Teacher Giveaway!

Have you heard about the Music Teacher Giveaway yet?  Well - here you go!  
From July 25-27, you can enter!

If you win one of these giveaways, you actually win 5-6 BUNDLES from different music teachers!  If you would like to enter to win BUNDLES of awesome music products for your music room, all you have to do is go to the following five Facebook pages and look for a "GIVEAWAY" tab that you click to enter.  :

My bundle being offered as a prize is my “Mega Music Glitter Bundle!”   Glitter up your classroom this year!  It's in the Grade 3-5 giveaways (Mrs. Miracle's Music Room).
It includes both Mega Glitter Word Walls (lavendar backgrounds AND the ink saver version),
Be a Music Room Rock Star Rules, Glittery Pitch Ladder (with ink saver version), and Music Elements and More set with jpgs to build your own slideshows.

There are prizes that are geared toward K-2, 3-5, and Middle School students, too!  
Here are some preview pictures.

 My fantastic music colleagues and I hope that you enjoy the giveaways and wish you lots of luck!  
"Sing-ya" later!