Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"Happy Moments"

I really needed to share what kindness there is out there.  Sometimes I have a really difficult time conquering those negative thoughts that happen throughout a day...isn't it terrible how one teeny comment can hurt and take up so much space in your brain and time of your life?  I have had a goal for a very long time to keep the positives on the front lines of my thoughts - the "I love you, Mrs. Jones...will you sleep over tonight?" notes from 1st graders....the "You have the most beautiful singing voice, Mrs. Jones!"  the "I want to be a music teacher when I grow up" the..."My daughters "play" Mrs. Jones at home and have music class!"  Those are the moments that matter.  And this one, is HUGE on that list of "positives" in my little musical I walked back to the music room after lunch and on my door...was this:

One of my third grade classes made this for me - each heart was filled with a personal "thank you" and they turned them into music sweet was that???  I was so surprised.  Of course, the classroom teacher is one of the most kind, caring, and thoughtful teachers you'll ever meet.  They are very lucky students to have such a great role model and I am a very lucky elementary teacher to have such a wonderful colleague and friend.
I just needed to share this happy moment to let everyone know that even know it's not always said or expressed every day, you ARE appreciated.  And to read their kind thoughts, makes me remember WHY I do what I do.  I hope your days ahead at this very trying time of year are filled with many, MANY, happy moments!  And if you want to share some here, please do!  My "happy-o'meter" would love to be filled up!