Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wishlist Wednesday

It's Wishlist Wednesday! 
What's "Wishlist Wednesday" you ask? Well, it's a perfect time to talk about items on our wishlists for TpT!!!  AND, as I'm sure you've heard, the BIG TpT Sale starts TOMORROW and goes until Friday!  For more details, look at this cute image from Krista Wallden at Creative Clips:
(Thanks for the great image, Krista!  Awesome as always!)

So a bunch of my music teacher buddies and I are taking this opportunity to tell you about one of our own products you might like to hear about, a musical item on our own wishlists, and a non-music one that could come in handy, too!  Here we go!

First, something from my TpT Store:
Here's my opportunity to tell you about one of my newest products in my store.  I am SO excited about these "Zoom to the Moon" Rhythm game sets. 

This is the fun game sheet you would print for either individuals or partners.  My kids LOVE these games and ask to play them often.  The students are "astronauts" and each have space shuttles ready to cover the pattern they hear "ground control" (a.k.a. the music teacher or an individual) clap or play on an instrument.  These games are great for rhythm reading practice and also for assessing how your students are doing with new rhythm concepts in a fun way that will not take up an entire class time as well as allow you the opportunity to easily assess through informal observation.
Each set comes with printable flashcards and some suggestions for using them along with the game and directions for play.  Here's a pic of the flashcards you can print and laminate.  By the way, don't you just LOVE the beautiful clip art from Glitter Meets Glue Designs?  OMG - these print beautifully.
 Each set is also available individually as well as in the bundle of rhythm concepts.  Check them out and let me know what you think!  I hope you have fun with these and your students.  I have sets for Melody in the works as well. 

Next:  A Musical item on my wishlist:
Just discovered this one via Pinterest and can't wait to get it in my cart and give The Bulletin Board Lady - Tracy King a well-deserved cha-ching: 

They are SOOOO cute.  I can't wait to see the whole set.  I wonder where she found this adorable clip art???  The sample pics show Harry and Hermione with paths leading to Gryffindor - Tracy wrote "Follow the path of the characters as they make their way to Gryffindor" in her description and I can see my 3rd and 4th graders especially excited about this since so many of them seem to be into Harry Potter.  I want to use these as warm ups before chorus next week!  "Wingardium-leviosa!!!"

 And finally, a non-music item, but something ANY teacher could adapt for their particular subject!  Have you seen "Pink Cat Studio's" interactive games???  If not, go see - I'm addicted!  This one is so cute!  I'm going to use it for note reading review and practice...I'll ask my students to name notes I place on the treble staff or for a strategy to read the notes from the treble clef staff...if a student can give me a strategy, they can go to the SMARTboard and click on an item to add to the monster!  You end up with a different monster every time!  My kids are going to go bananas for this game!

Man, I LOVE to shop.  And well, tomorrow, I'll be shopping!  What's on your wishlist?  Go on over to Music a la Abbott and link on up so we can all learn about more great products from each other! 

So if you have a wishlist, get it ready! Most items could be up to 28% off! Remember to use the Promo Code TPT3! Thanks so much to Amy Abbott for hosting this fun linky party! Check out the many great music teacher's wishlists and their stores, too! So many great ideas out there - why not learn from each other and make this world a more musical place?!?

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below if you'd like to tell me about your wishlisted items, too!