My Music Room

I was so excited when I saw this t-shirt online one day on facebook and I couldn't believe it wasn't a scam!  My students were so cute reading it today - one little girl said, "You are a superhero, Mrs. Jones!  A musical one!"  That made my day.

I have heard that when you start a blog, you should blog about something you enjoy.  Well, I enjoy being in my music room!  I have worked really hard to make it an exciting and colorful place for my students to feel comfortable to take risks and have a great time making music together! 
When I took the job at my new school, I referred to this room as a blank, sad square.  I needed to put my creative spin on it and decided to play with furniture a bit to make little "places" in the room for my lessons.

So here are some pictures of my classroom - once referred to as "Willy Wonka's Candy Land" by a former teacher at my school!  LOL!

A view of my room and my B-E-A-UTIFUL carpet!
I hoped for a circle carpet for years and suddenly came across this one and it is perfect!

There are 24 spots on the carpet which works well for most of my classes...the classes that have 25 kids sit around the piano keys - it's tight, but we make it work.

"Listening Lane"

Here are pictures of my "Street Signs" from "Music Land." 
Above is a pic of the part of my room I call "Listening Lane."

Introducing..."Singing Snoopy!"
Ah yes...another very important part of my classroom
My Music Room Mascot:

The kids love him so much, I have received, not one, not two,
but 3 different "dog houses" handmade by students.
Um kids, I'm running out of room and Snoopy has more houses than most people!

If I could wish for something in my music room, it would be storage.  I have some cabinets, but not many and they're very small.  I miss having a closet very much.  So you'll see that all around the music room, I've improvised by using a lot of storage containers and drawers.  And yes, all the Target employees know me by name!  LOL.  But - it's worth it to feel organized. 
Here's a picture of the adorable solfege character posters I decorated each cabinet with to jazz them up a bit.  My friend dubbed these little characters the "Musical M&Ms" LOL!