Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Introducing...Singing Snoopy

And now...the big reveal! Singing Snoopy, the music room mascot has a new house!

Once upon a time, in the land of music, there was an adorable dog and his name, was "Singing Snoopy."  The truth is that his true name, was originally "Singing Sammy," but the very first time I introduced him to a class, Singing Snoopy came out of my mouth instead and well, it stuck. 
AND...it WORKS! 
See, "Snoopy," the music room mascot, is not like other dogs.  He is always "snooping" for "Snooper Star" singers in the music room.  You know - the kind of kids that are sitting up tall, singing with their best singing voices, and hard workers.  Snoopy can only talk to me - and I understand Snoopy language.  He tells me songs he wants to hear the class sing, he notices kids who are trying really hard that day, and well, of course, he does his very own special "Snoopy celebration dance" when the music makes him happy. 
The children love when his ears go up while he's listening to their singing! 

Singing Snoopy has been a very, very special part of my classroom and teaching for almost 14 years now and well, it was time for him to have special recognition for helping my classes run smoothly. 
About two years ago, a little girl came into my classroom one day with the biggest smile on her face and presented me with a "dog house" for Snoopy.  She was so excited to give him his handmade "dog house" and giggled as she showed me.  So clever and sweet.  But then, well, it became a "thing" among students to "make Snoopy a home."  Oh my goodness!  By the end of last year, I had more "Snoopy houses" than I knew what to do with (Imagine a "Snoopy Mansion" with windows and doors made out of a giant cardboard box).  I had to somehow help the kids understand that I enjoyed their creativity and Snoopy was very grateful, but he didn't need any more new houses! 
Soooo...I came up with the idea of having my father-in-law build a dog house this past summer (designed by my very talented hubby) and once the kids saw it the first day of school I had a story ready about Snoopy's plan to buy a new home.

Well, Snoopy's "family" has since grown, and it was time for Snoopy to put his dog house on realtor.com and sell it so he could hire a builder (my father in-law) and a decorator (yours truly) to build him his new home.  Snoopy has a wife and many mini-snoopy-versions which have come to me as gifts from my singers!  I think it's so sweet and funny at the same time.  I love that they adore him - they write him letters and draw him pictures.  And make him dog bones AND furniture for his house!  ha!  And yes, he has a mailbox, too!  (I'll admit it - yes, I'm jealous - he gets more mail than I do.)  The best is when they write him songs and rhythm patterns, of course!  Adorable. 
The "Snooperson Family"
Snoopy, Snoopy, jr. and Snoopy jr.-jr.  (LOL!!!)
I'll take some more pics of the rest of the family and post them soon. 

My next project involving Singing Snoopy is going to be creating "Snoopy-Grams." I want to send home little notes to students when Snoopy finds a "Snooper-star Singer." I am just not exactly sure how to manage that piece yet...should I do one every music class and keep a checklist?
Any suggestions are welcome! 
What is something unique you do in your classroom that has turned into an awesome classroom management tool?  I never expected "Singing Snoopy" to become such an invaluable part of my teaching!  Even my 4th graders still like him.