Sunday, September 22, 2013

Popsicle Stick Seating Idea

I was so incredibly happy when this beautiful carpet became a part of my music room. 
One day, last year, I was thinking about how competitive some of my students were when they would walk into the room and race to get to a certain spot on the carpet.  Not only did it become a safety concern, but it was incredibly time consuming and draining to have to continuously reiterate or have students model how to walk in and choose a seat wisely.
I decided to solve that problem by making these popsicle sticks "choose" for them. 
Now, the students come in at the beginning of the year, take a popsicle stick, walk in, find their own special "music spot" and as long as it works out where they are seated near others they work well with, they can keep their spots each music.  Once I trust the group later in the year, (especially with  upper elementary kids) I'll surprise them and let them choose their own spot. 
One afternoon, I walked around my carpet and took individual pictures of each symbol.  Then, I printed them out, mounted them on white cardstock, laminated them and attached them to large popsicle sticks.  Not only are they useful for seating choice, but for choosing turns for games!!! 
It's been so nice!  Certain classes are more competitive with others, so choosing in a very random way takes care of this issue.  It's fantastic.

Check out the seating chart I created below. It's perfect to leave for a sub.
You are more than welcome to use it to fit your needs if you have the same circle carpet. I couldn't seem to attach it to this blog post, but if you comment below,
I'd be happy to share it with you via email!

Classroom Seating - Music Carpet Circle

This has been one of the most helpful time-saving ideas I have come up with yet.  
Do you use seating charts in your classroom?  Do the students choose where they sit? 
What has worked best for you and your classroom? 
Please feel free to comment and share your ideas below!