Friday, August 23, 2013

Call me "Build-it-Barbie!"

I have wanted to organize my small percussion instruments in a different way for years and today was the day!  I finally found what I've been looking for...and, the best part, you ask?  I was able to build them all by myself!!!  Lol...of course, not without a silly true totally-tuned-in fashion.
During construction:

Voila!!!  What do you think?!?  I am so incredibly excited to get back into school on Monday during our non-directed teacher day...And organize the instruments into the drawers.  And I am sure I will have room for other things!  But my question for you should I label these drawers???  Hmmmm.  They look so nice just plain and simple...but I feel like I will absolutely need to put in place a system for the kids to find things in the music room!  Lol...can u imagine if I said..."oh, go look in the purple drawer" to a student???  It would take forever!!  Any ideas welcome!