Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Little Jars of Happiness"


I woke up this morning, no alarm clock, just woke up happy and thought to myself.....ahhhh, summer.  How I love thee.  As I was about to walk downstairs, I noticed there was some laundry to do - so....get this - I did it.  I just walked over and put clothes in the washing machine, and folded the ones in the dryer!  Can you believe that???  Hahaa - if you're a teacher, you understand why this is a BIG DEAL.  I mean, during the year, that laundry is....such...a...burden!  I would NEVER just stop what I was doing and fold that load.  No, no, no - I've got THINGS to do!  I am NOT doing that right now!!!  And the funniest thing was that I was singing to myself happily as I folded and put away (WOAH) that laundry.  I. put. it. away.  WHAT???!!!  I'll admit, if it wasn't summer, those clothes and towels in the dryer would have just been stored there and taken out as needed.  Yup. 

So as I then mosied myself (yes, I used the word "mosey") down the stairs and looked around my house...stretched, yawned, pet the kitty, looked out the window and thought, gee...I don't know what I want to do today.  And SUCH a GOOD feeling.  Having that freedom.  Ahhh FREEDOM.  If I want to go to the post office - oh, how nice!  I can!  If it's not too hot, maybe I'll grab my ipod and go for a walk.  Oh, wait!  I have some things to return to Target!  Oooo!  Oooo!  Maybe I should call my friend and see if she wants to go grab some lunch!   Wait a sec - where's that book I wanted to read all those months ago?  Wow - is this what it feels like to have no "have-tos!"  I like this feeling.
Therefore, I've decided my newest summer goal is to figure out a way to bottle up summer and sell it as "Little Jars of Happiness!"   For sale!!!   

Look what I just found on a blog.  Hey!  I had time to just surf???  What?!  It must be summer.  
Maybe...I'll go make one today!  And I love that if I was in the mood to do this, I could just go do it, because, it's SUMMMMMMMER!

Oh and I can wear flip-flops every, single, day!!! 
I hope you are enjoying some summer happiness, too! 
What makes you happy in the summer?