Sunday, May 3, 2015

Making May Musical Linky Party

I am so very excited to be hosting my very first Linky Party in celebration of the TpT Teachers Appreciation Sale May 5-6!  Most TpT Stores will be discounted at 20% off and you'll save more with the TpT Code THANKYOU at checkout for 28%!!!  If you're a blogger, please join us and link up!  Simply blog about the following three things:

1)  A resource from your own TpT store that you're excited to sell
2)  A resource from another TpT seller that you're excited to purchase
3)  A set of clip art you can't wait to purchase, too!

Include the following image in your post and link it back to this blog post AND please remind your readers to come back and check out all of the other blogger's posts who are linked up here!  :) 
1)  First, a resource from my store that I'm excited to be selling:  "The Case of the 3 Sneaky Singing Snails."  I have a Sol-La-Mi set and a Sol-Mi set available.  Your students are asked in these interactive PDF games to help the detective find the 3 "sneaky snails" who have stolen melody patterns.  The only way they can find out if they caught a snail is to sing a melodic pattern correctly.  There are 2 different cases so that you can play this game during more than one lesson and also adorable flashcards with melodic patterns starring the "sneaky snails."  I have a wonderful music teacher buddy who has the S-M-L set and he told me to introduce the game, he sat at his piano and said, "Oh no, boys and girls!  I can't remember the melody!  I wonder if it was the sneaky snails!!!"  And they ate it up.

2)  Next, a resource from another music seller I'm excited to purchase during the sale:
 Last Summer, I had discovered Jennifer's awesome blog called "The Yellow Brick Road" via Pinterest.  Well, she had written about using these adorable "Rhythm Monsters" made from googly eyes and pom-poms - I was so inspired, I ran out to Michael's Arts & Crafts and made my own set which the kids BEG to use!  Now, she just recently posted this set above which is an interactive game is an "interactive game, in which students practice or review rhythms by speaking, clapping, or performing on rhythm instruments. The game introduces students to the rhythm monsters, friendly characters who use the special language of rhythm to communicate."  And there are printable worksheets, too!  Yep, I need it.

3)  And finally, a clip art set I just have to have!  
Educlips Ice Cream set has been on my wishlist and I'm drooling for it!  
LOL - could it be the pregnancy cravings?

 Well, that's all for now!  Remember the TpT Code THANKYOU at checkout!!!  Feel free to leave a comment or if you have a blog and would like to link up, here's the information below: 
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