Sunday, November 30, 2014

"Rockin' Resources Linky Party"

I am so happy to join up with Amy at Music a la Abbott for a "Rockin' Resources Linky Party!"  You can join as well!  Just click this image at the bottom of my post to go to Amy's page and then follow the quick/easy directions there!

For this linky party, we're asked to share a resource from our own TpT Store that we use and love.  Something I am so excited to share with you are my newest creations for my classroom!  With the adorable clip art by Susanna at "Whimsy Workshop," I created, Rhythm Reindeer Sets 1 & 2.
 The best part about these sets is that I made them so the set can be used across 4-5 lessons.  During the first lesson, I introduce the kids to my "new friends" - the "Rhythm Reindeer!"  Aren't they adorable?  I mean, aDEERable?
My first graders ask me what their names are - lol!  Then, I challenge the students to be able to clap/speak 16 patterns...and I ask for a volunteer score keeper (they love this job.)  This takes maybe 5-7 minutes to go thru and then I tell them next music, they'll visit again, but with a challenge!  The next class, I use the PDF game on the next slides.  They LOVE this and especially the BIG challenge. 

There also are printables for writing one note in each box to use in a follow-up lesson and then more sheets {for when you think they're ready} where the students will be completing measures and composing measures in 2, 3, 4/4 meter.  I would suggest that you project an example so the students understand to fill their character boxes with the correct amount of beats.  Perfect quick assessments.  And as a thank you for purchasing these files, I've included "Rhythm Reindeer Rhythm Cards" for you to print and use as whole group practice, in centers, as a game, or any other way you'd like!  {My littles asked me if they could keep them and color them - lol!}

Next, some resources by another awesome music teacher!  If you haven't discovered McPherson's Music Room yet, oh man - you've got to check out her interactive products!  They've changed my teaching for the better.  Let me tell you about one I have and love and another I'm going to purchase tomorrow during the TpT Cyber Sale.  She's got melody and rhythm files that are amazing for visual/aural learners.  My students ask me to play over and over again.  Last week, with first grade, I used her Whooo do you hear? Melody Sol Mi La (PowerPoint).  

It's so cute and awesome for aural identification/discrimination.  Simply click on the moon, and there are 4 choices of owls with melodies notated for the students to look at and figure out which is correct.  The sound effects are fantastic, the graphics and animations are always adorable and the game is so engaging for the students.  I'm definitely going to purchase her newest files starring an adorable snowman! 
This file comes with not just one, but TWO powerpoint files!  One for forte vs. piano and the other reinforces crescendo vs. decrescendo!  How great to have listening examples for the students to identify these concepts ALL IN ONE PLACE!  I don't know about you, but I get so frustrated with my iPod and CDs and shuffling or trying to find small sound clips...I don't have time for that.  But THIS!  It's ALL right here at my fingertips AND it's a GAME for the kids.  I love when they have no clue that they're LEARNING while having so much fun.  You've got to see how she animates these little guys.  So cute.  an interactive way to reinforce aurally recognizing dynamics with your students in music and then assessing the concepts? They will love watching the snowman move across the page trying to catch snowflakes!

And now, one last thing to include in my blog, a non-music product.  Yup - you guessed it.  Clip art. 
Ok - If there was a group called "Clip-Art-Addicts-Annonymous" - yes, I'd be in it.  I don't know if my poor computer can handle anymore images!  The fan is running constantly.  Yep...I need a new one!  I just keep debating...PC or Mac?!  Wah!  I don't know what to do.  I do; however, know what I want when it comes to clip art and these cuties from Susanna at Whimsy Workshop, are on top of my list.

And of course, they will be starring in some up and coming Totally Tuned-in Products asap! 

Ok!  So there you have it!  Some great choices to maybe add to your cart as you "Cyber Shop" away!  I mean, who doesn't love, "'re broke!"  hahaha!  Just joking - that's why it's great to shop when the BIG SALES are here. So much fun.  Remember your CODE at checkout - TpTCyber.  Enjoy.

Thanks everyone and happy CYBER shopping!