Monday, September 2, 2013

Fun Freebie Time!

 Freebie time!  Freebie time!  Freebie time! 
 Blank Treble Staff
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This prints beautifully! 
I use water bottle caps as music notes for the students to place on the staff. 
They are the perfect size for this printable.
I love using a large blank treble staff when first introducing note reading to my students.  You can print these out, laminate for longer use, pass them out to individuals and do all kinds of note reading activities with manipulatives.  I am all about re-using and recycling and had my students help me collect water bottle caps one year.  I took them home and bleached them (LOL - yes, yes, I'm a germ-a-phobe!)  and we use them as notes to place on these staves!  That hands-on kinesthetic approach works wonders for so many kids -  they are so engaged "placing" their "notes" on the staff.  (And yes, of course, there are always a couple who are busy stacking them and tossing them and rolling them across the carpet.  Do I tell them to stop?  I'll be honest, if they are showing me respect, by looking at me while I'm speaking, demonstrating understanding, and not distracting others, eh...what does it matter if they "play" a little bit?  Go ahead, stack 'em as high as you can, but make sure you can tell me how you got the correct answer.  I mean, I feel like children don't have enough time to play anymore...they seem to be so incredibly over-scheduled and truthfully, I'm sure I was one of those kids, too!  ha!)
You can even write the letter names on the caps in sharpie marker for differentiation purposes.
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Happy Labor Day!